SquareFour’s Nova looks usable

I caught up with SquareFour again earlier this week for a short demonstration of Nova. Nova was one of a very small number of CTRM solutions that I had not seen in my almost quarter century working in energy and commodity trading software, so I was looking forward to seeing it. The solution is based around an older front end yet, the principals at SquareFour had told me that it was highly usable. So much so that they told me they had relied almost totally on word of mouth to promote the solution and that usability was a key selling point for it. The software has a colorful interface and is very logically arranged. Right mouse clicks reveal significant functionalities available throughout and colors are used with purpose highlighting mandatory data items and indicating workflow and approval needs, for example. Anything may be exported to Excel with a click and each screen functions very much like an Excel sheet anyway. Totalization is available on all screens where needed along with some neat ways to total highlighted cells. I understand instinctively that the solution is easy to navigate and use especially for smaller entities who may be moving up from Excel… continue reading

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