Quor Group Talks Concentrates

I had an interesting conversation with Saeed Patel and Harry Knot of Quor Group last week where we got into risk management and the tools available in the industry. I shared with them some of the findings from our recent risk report (free download here) and the application areas that ComTech had proposed in that report. Quor Group, of course, inherited several products from the old Brady PLC including Aquarius, Fintrade, and Trinity. It has essentially merged the Aquarius functionality into Fintrade, no longer offers Aquarius, and is in the process of building a new technology layer over Fintrade and Trinity to modernize the UI and access the deep functionalities of both solutions more easily (Project Evolution). We discussed the old Aquarius software as it was/is extremely good for concentrates valuation and is still used by a few large and important metals companies where it remains the only commercially purchased off the shelf software within an entirely custom and bespoke solution set. This functionality has been part of Fintrade now for some time according to Harry, and he believes that Fintrade offers significantly more. “Aquarius did well for concentrates but less well for refined metals while Fintrade has strong valuation,… continue reading

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