A Few Words….

Periodically, I feel inclined to repeat a few ground rules regarding this website and it’s been a while…. If you have news, give us a shout (email or call) and give us a formal briefing – we may write a blog about it as a follow up and we are very happy to hear what is going on out there, If you have a press announcement – send it to us and we will post it unless it is news regarding an award. Apologies, but some ‘awards’ are nothing but paid advertising these days and not newsworthy. Unfortunately, we cannot differentiate between awards that are paid advertising and the bone fide ones you work so hard to get, so it is our policy not to publish award news at all, If you see the work product on the site and wonder – how can we sponsor a paper, get a video interview or similar – just give us a call. We will be happy to tell you, Do share – the content on the site is free to maximize its distribution. If you find something useful – and we trust that you will, do share and make sure you share
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