A Single European Market With A Single ETRM Solution?

I often have to field the question regarding ETRM software for European power and related commodities. What is the best commercial solution? The answer isn’t easy. European power markets have developed over time primarily as regional markets within countries or areas like the Nordics. As each market evolved and grew, the infrastructure and business processes also evolved echoing the local regulatory environment, type of generation assets, local supply/demand picture, and so on. Local exchanges created their own instruments, local RTOs and infrastructure bodies created their own systems with their own data formats and processing rules. In short, Europe was and to some extent still is, a grouping of national or regional markets. Of course, the EU has pushed with a vision for a single market and it too has struggled to find standards for capacity auctions, nominations, instruments and so on. To some extent, market coupling has been successful and one can trade across European markets a variety of power products, moving power from one location to another much more esily than in the past. However, many issues still remain to be solved. ETRM software has essentially developed in lockstep with market development such that many products were built for
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