Adapt2 – Expanding their (ETRM?) market reach

We recently had the opportunity to visit with Jason Kram, executive vice president of Adapt2, a Houston-based technology provider for North American power market players.  The firm was founded in 2008 and is probably best known as a provider of ISO/RTO market interfaces and settlements capabilities via their B2B (or Bid to Bill) solution. However, as Mr. Kram noted on our call, over the years their customers have encouraged the firm to increase their functional footprint and Adapt2 has been continuously adding more functionality to their product set, leading to development of what they term “T-to-T” or T2T.  The T2T product is essentially an ETRM solution for power (with capabilities for also managing gas), however they prefer to use the term “T-to-T”, meaning “trade to tag” or “tag to trade”…depending on where one sits in the market (trader or producer).  They have also developed Adapt2 Green for REC management, PPA settlement, dispatch optimization and battery energy storage coordination in the renewable energy markets. Though they will occasionally compete for new business against the well-known names in ETRM, more often than not they are cooperating with most the other ETRM vendors that cover power trading (including FIS, ION and their family… continue reading

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