Agiboo Sees Shifts in its Market and New Opportunities

Jan van den Brom, a member of our CTRM thought leader panel and the founder of Agiboo, spoke with me last week. We discussed the current environment and I was keen to hear his views from the front line as a CTRM vendor. I thought he summed it up very nicely in saying, “the sales potential has shifted rather than increased or decreased. We suddenly find ourselves talking to a different audience that have different questions,” he told me. While Jan sees some projects being stopped or delayed, he also sees others buying and deploying. “We gained a new customer just last week,” he reported. Some commodities are booming while others are crashing and in this instance, it was apparently a company in the soap business needing to manage its procurement of the raw materials needed to manufacture what has become an in-demand commodity. He also sees the food supply chain as an area of potential growth as food manufacturers seek to limit their procurement risks and those involved all along the supply chain are impacted. “We see increased interest in markets like coffee, cocoa and other such commodities,” he told me. In fact, recruiter Carl Vellenoweth of Commoditas also… continue reading
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