Agiboo Sees Traction for Version 4.0

Agiboo remain extremely busy, says CEO Jan van den Brom. Despite hiring and almost doubling in size in terms of staff, he still works an 80+hour week to service the demand. Not only is there an impressive level of demand for new CTRM solutions, but quite a few Agiboo customers decided to roll out the Agiboo platform globally, he told me. The vendor now has customers in all parts of the world including south and north America, Asia, the middle east, and Europe, and has increased its user base by 100% as well. Meanwhile, it has also been busy on version 4.0 of its platform launched back in June. Jan sees the platform as the fulfilment of much of his original vision for CTRM and a true disrupter – “it finally allows for you to connect the entire information chain in commodities,” he said. “We can now combine external data via APIs to capture the entire end-to-end process creating a single platform for the user and the ability to automate and optimize.” He cites examples of working with shipping solutions to get ETA and other key data and connecting with banks. He says they have lots of interest in v4.0.… continue reading

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