Agiboo’s Subscription Approach Brings Dividends

Back in June 2016, Agiboo made an announcement regarding making its Agiblocks CTRM solution available in the cloud on a subscription basis. ComTech blogged about this development and suggested that Agiboo was attempting to disrupt the CTRM software market place with this offer and we promised to follow developments closely. Yesterday, I spent some time with Jan van den Brom to find out what progress had been made and how the industry had reacted to this offer. First and foremost, the offer has been well received in the industry and this has been reflected in Agiboo ramping its market penetration in the last 6-months signing 4 new enterprise clients ands around 12 subscription-based client. This represents something like a 250% increase in sales for the company according to our calculation in just 6-months in deals done! The vast majority of these deals were in Agiboo’s areas of functional strength such as Sugar, Coffee, and Cocoa. Plainly, the Agiblocks by subscription offer has indeed had an impact. Mr. van den Brom pointed to a couple of trends that he has observed in recent months as supporting these increased activity levels as follows, • There is a higher requirement for commodity-specific solutions
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