An Interview with Richard Williamson, CEO, G10

Recently, we asked Richard Williamson, CEO of G10 to answer a few questions about his company, the market and CTRM. Given Mr. Williamson’s status of an long-time veteran of the Ags CTRM market, his answers provide an honest and insightful assessment of the market and the trends that influence it. It makes very interesting reading and we thank Mr. Williamson for his time. – CTA: G10 has made a couple of key hires in the last several months in sales and marketing, does that reflect on the readiness of the product for the market? – Richard Williamson: Readiness for new markets, yes. We have a number of things going on at the moment but in terms of recent key hires for our CTRM platform, we have taken on 5 more commodities over the last 18 months, which now that they have been commercially proven, that’s 5 new markets for us to sell into. – CTA: What do you think are the key differentiators of G10’s Commodity Manager? – Richard Williamson: There is an adage that is often applied to software provision that says you have 3 options; good, fast and cheap and that you can only choose 2 of them. … continue reading

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