Interesting stuff from (and about) Aspect Enterprise Solutions

Gary and I had a update from Aspect Enterprise Solutions yesterday.  Though not the most well-known company in the ETRM / CTRM space (having changed their name from Oil Space a few years ago), they have certainly been recording some good success over the last couple of years and that success does appear to be growing.  As one of the very few dedicated cloud solutions providers in the market, their early customers tended to be smaller shops – those in developing markets or new trading companies getting off spreadsheets as they grow.  In particular, oil traders in Europe and Africa were their best markets.  However, they have continued to build-out their product, adding functionality to support physical logistics (particularly rail) and are in the process of expanding their commodity coverage having closed a new sale with Swiss-based agricultural/softs trading firm Soyuz Commodities SA last year. In addition to seeing record bookings of new customers over the last couple of years for their AspectCTRM product, they are also seeing increasing penetration into their existing clients, including two global trading houses, one in Singapore and the other in London.  Its this expansion that speaks well for the future prospects of the company, … continue reading

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