Scalable Commodity North American Success

I spoke to John Crew, Director of Australian MS Dynamix vendor Scalable yesterday. Scalable have an extension specifically for commodities called Scalable Commodity and are one of a number of ERP platform vendors making the journey into the world of commodity management and TRM. The ERP commodity management extension is a choice that is taking off in various industry segments. For example, Scalable were just selected by George’s Chicken, a privately-owned 1$ billion turnover company out of Arkansas. The company will use Scalable Commodity for their Feed Ingredient Operation that regularly purchases huge volumes of corn, soybean meal and other feed ingredients for four feed mills across the US. Another success is Grain Corp, the 4th largest Malt trading company in the world. GrainCorp has extended its use of Scalable Commodity substantially. Meanwhile, AGT in Canada has also successfully implemented the software for its Pulse trading business. It isn’t just the Ags and Softs side of the business that is choosing ERP extensions either. A LA-based metals trader has just selected Scalable Commodity and MS Dynamix to manage their metals trading business. In fact, in the soon to be released Ags & Softs research report, we will discuss in great … continue reading

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