Amphora has a strong start to 2023

David Glasspool at Amphora says he has been ‘flat out’ since mid-February dealing with business development opportunities. Amphora has already gained two new customers in 2023 including a refiner in Europe and another Dubai-based entity, he told me, and he expects more to follow. The refiner has just started implementation which ought to be complete in 3-4 months. The interest is coming from oil and product companies in the main, he reports. Meanwhile, Alchemy is now in active use at its first customer for concentrates. Amphora is also very busy with development work as it reinvests profits into its software. That includes continuing to work with Alchemy where over the next several months to a year, it expects to add base metals functionality as well as on Symphony in areas like risk, certificate handling along with continual usability enhancements. Amphora is also planning on enabling some aspects of functionality on the internet as stand-alone items – more on this in a future briefing. All this activity means that Amphora continues to recruit and as David admits, it means that marketing has taken a bit of a backburner too. While it has been active in the middle east, David is keen… continue reading

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