Amphora Launches Its’ SaaS CTRM Offering

Amphora has launched its’ SaaS CTRM offering which it terms CTRMCLOUD and I spoke with Amphora CTO, Sajindra Jayasena, recently to find out more about what it entails. “A lot of our clients today want to concentrate on their business and not concern themselves too much with IT infrastructure and application management,” he told me. “So we are launching a SaaS Symphony CTRM product suite that will help clients with the day to day management of things like infrastructure, application management, access management, security and do on.” The new SaaS offering covers what Amphora terms seven key pillars that includes a fully managed cloud deployment, seamless application roadmap adoption, security, support, client and resource isolation, access and user management and monitoring and maintenance. Amphora will support major cloud providers like Amazon AWS and MS Azure and will work to insure the right jurisdictions are selected for their data and compliance requirements, he told me. The configuration also offers some flexibility depending on client maturity allowing a simpler solution for smaller clients. Two variants are offered – Gold and Silver. “Smaller customers often don’t have the time or capabilities to support onboarding an application like Symphony nor the capability to support… continue reading

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