Amphora Looks back … and forwards … after a busy year.

David Glasspool of Amphora sees value in support outsourcing he told me after listening to the most recent CTRMRadio podcast however, he was quick to point out that Amphora’s support was widely viewed as  excellent. It was an area that the new Amphora management team had focused on a few years back when they took over, he said. Since then, Amphora had also been building a library of blog articles on its site designed to help with and explain areas like support to users and prospects, he told me. “The blogs form a growing library of content that help answer inbound inquiries about CTRM software, support, and so on,” he said. David was in a philosophical mood when last we spoke. The new team at Amphora has also succeeded in getting all its users on one branch of the software, he had told me in a previous briefing. This helps everyone – users,  clients, prospects, Amphora, and consulting firms – as it means that everyone is using and addressing a single set of code. As many vendors and users have discovered to their cost, having multiple customized versions in use becomes a total nightmare for support and comes with an… continue reading

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