Amphora Passes the 25-year Mark

Given that CTRM as a true software category really emerged only post FERC636 in North America (and then initially as ETRM or energy trading and risk management), a vendor with 25-years in the business is certainly something to note. Amphora is now celebrating its 25th year in the space and though having experienced a few shifts in gear and changes over that time, is arguably on its strongest footing in its history. Founded as a spin-out of Texaco in Houston by Vinnie Annunziata, the company started out targeting hydrocarbon liquids and competing with the likes of Triple Point (now ION) and others in that market. It originally operated as TradeCapture and was known by that name for many years. In the company’s early years of existence, both of us worked for vendors that competed in some fashion with TradeCapture and, as analysts in the space, we have tracked Amphora/TradeCapture for almost 20 of its 25 years.  In fact, ComTech analysts (then working for UtiliPoint) were present at the company’s user group meeting in Dublin in 2009 when the then CEO, unveiled the new brand and name of Amphora. Though Amphora did have periods of difficulties, in the past 5 years… continue reading

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