An Update with EGSSIS

For Belgium-based EGSSIS, the first lockdown passed better than expected according to Dries Lamont, Chief Growth Officer. The company was up and running from day 1 from home offices. “Business did slow down, and a lot of prospects put things on ice,” he said. “Some are now picking up where they left off and things are improving.”  Overall though, Dries sees the lockdown as a ‘bit of a wake-up call’ for some companies who perhaps had reservations about the cloud model. Once, home office was mandated and business continuity became a priority, some companies made the move they had long resisted, he said. For example, they signed a new customer in Germany in the immediate aftermath of lockdown. Actually, EGSSIS gained 4 new customers in the period, he told me. These included a Nordic energy trader, an eastern European company, one in Austria along with the German firm. Others put things on hold, he told me while 3 of the above 4 moved very quickly with very short sales cycles. “Companies are talking to us now that prior to the lockdown, wanted to keep everything in house,” he said. Having said that, there was no doubt that April and May… continue reading

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