Aquilon continues to gain traction and is expanding their service lines

It has been about 9 months since we last caught up with Randy Wilson, CEO of Houston-based Aquilon, an innovative company that provides an invoice settlement/reconciliation platform called the Energy Settlements Network, primarily for gas and power market participants. In a recent call with Mr. Wilson, he brought us up to date with several significant events with the company.  In particular, he noted that “Aquilon has gone through a significant restructuring and is now partly owned by SS&C Technologies…the world’s largest hedge fund and private equity administrator, as well as the largest mutual fund transfer agency.” With the new ownership in place, the company is beginning to leverage the experience and market reach provided by SS&C.  As he noted, “Aquilon is working to bring SS&C’s extensive enterprise experience across financial services firms to enhancing the efficiency of energy trading back office operations…From co-sourcing to enhanced automation for regulatory reporting, we are working closely with SS&C to deliver new operational capabilities and technology solutions to companies transacting in the energy markets.” In line with their plans to deliver new capabilities, they have recently launched a few new services that leverage the technology platform they developed to support their invoice matching and… continue reading

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