Aquilon’s Energy Settlements Network appears to be no more

As we had noted in a Dec 2019 blog post covering a conversation with Aquilon Energy Services’ president Randy Wilson, Aquilon “provides an invoice settlement/reconciliation platform – called the Energy Settlements Network – primarily for gas and power market participants.” Founded in 2015, Aquilon spent its first few years working with its launch customers to build out the platform and later improved its capabilities to allow market participants to get onboard more quickly and to more easily take advantage of the company’s services. With several blue-chip customers, who were also investors in the company’s launch, including Citi, Goldman Sachs Principal Strategic Investments, Invenergy and Macquarie Group, it appeared Aquilon was well positioned for success. Unfortunately, it appears the company’s effort to establish the platform as a viable solution for addressing the labor intensive process of settlements has come to an end, with their website having been recently updated to read “The Aquilon Network,, is no longer supported, as of 3/12/2021. We thank our customers for years of continued support and partnership.”

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