Automated Gas Trading

We occasionally miss an announcement it is true and one we did miss was on the 28th June from Powernext. Automated trading in intra-day European power markets has really caught on over the last few years and we have highlighted many of the vendors offering automated trading solutions for such activities including Powel (and OLF via a partnership), FIS, Procom, Kisters, Soptim, Visotech, Likron, Contigo and others. The early leaders in this area appear to be Visotech and Likron, if market share is your rule. When I attended the Visotech day in Frankfurt earlier this year, one area they were keen to talk about as a differentiator was their gas automated trading capabilities where they see speed as an essential apsect in responding to order book updates and to take advantage of sudden price fluctuations. As Jurgen Mayerhoffer, MD, puts it “If energy truly want to squeeze the last cent from their assets, trading automation will help them do so 24×7 in a cost efficient manner” Powernext announced June 28th that Visotech would be listed as the first Independent Software Vendor on its pan-European gas trading platform PEGAS allowing members an opportunity to puruse fully automated algo-trading on the spot… continue reading
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