Barchart Automates Hedging for Grain Buyers to Digitize Agriculture

CHICAGO, Nov. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Barchart, a commodity data and technology leader trusted by over 600 agribusinesses representing over 2,000 grain facilities, announces cmdtyView Hedge, the latest digital workflow within Barchart’s AgTech ecosystem. With this innovation, agribusinesses can now automate hedging for physical grain in cmdtyView; a fixture on grain merchandiser desktops.  Barchart’s ecosystem for grain merchandising workflows also includes the 2022 award winning AgTech platform, Marketplace Apps. Barchart already connects producers and grain buyers by linking producer-facing apps to cmdtyView – the addition of cmdtyView Hedge unlocks more efficiency by creating automated hedge orders for open offers; and then pushing grain contracts and hedge executions directly into an agribusiness’s ERP system when an offer matches. “Our hedging system was designed to streamline grain contracting and risk management for our agribusiness clients,” says Barchart CEO Mark Haraburda.  “Combined with our best-in-class ERP connectivity, we are able to provide clients with a grain buying platform that scales for any size operation.” “Grain merchandisers are looking for a solution to manage their hedging activity in one place. Barchart customers will gain a ton of efficiency and remove costly errors with cmdtyView Hedge,” says Mike Driscoll, Barchart’s Head of Commodities.  “With our solution all of the grain buying… continue reading

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