Beacon Update – A Conversation with Michael Kirch

It has been a while since I had talked to Beacon, creators of an institutional quant platform that delivers the architectural model of investment bank systems like SecDB at Goldman Sachs, Athena at JPMorgan, and Quartz at Bank of America Merrill Lynch to the broader market. I spoke to Michael Kirch, Chief Commercial Officer, at length about the company, its platform and progress last week. Beacon has recently won a number of awards for its technology and has been expanding its team including the addition of Richard Jefferson as COO. Formerly Global Head of Commodities Trading at Deutsche Bank, he also previously held roles in Commodities Sales & Origination, Energy Derivatives Trading and FX Options Trading and adds to Beacon’s commodities expertise. Now around 50 people strong, 90% of whom are developers, the company is currently building a complete sales team, he told me. Additionally, the company is making sales progress and has recently won a new deal for post-trade analytics and enterprise risk management with a commodities firm (soon to be officially announced he told me) and has several more in the proof of concept stages. Michael told me that Beacon brings “genuine pre- and post-trade analytics on an integrated
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