BJSS Brings Agile Development to Commodities’ Top Tier

I had a call with a UK-based consulting firm last week that had contacted us to give us a briefing on their activities in commodities. BJSS is a company that I actually wasn’t very familiar with but a brief conversation with Mr. Amir Soufizadeh, head of its commodities and utilities practice, brought me up to speed. BJSS was established in 1993 and has offices across the UK and in the US. It employs close to 600 consultants in those locations. One of BJSS’s differentiators is its agile methodology, I learned. It has used this approach at a number of very large commodities firms to help them build and deploy custom solutions across the commodity trading and risk management functions. It originally got its start with a major oil company back in 2001 and has since developed a host of ETRM and CTRM custom solutions across commodities as diverse as crude oil, natural gas and coffee. Its agile approach to development and delivery allows it to deliver incremental benefits quickly, adding functionality and complexity along the way, Mr. Soufizadeh told me. A trend that we noted at the start of 2016 was the penchant for larger, physical commodity players with highly
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