Brady ETRM Revitalized

Back in the day, the old Brady PLC acquired two competing ETRM vendors active in Scandinavian power markets and beyond. Eventually, Brady settled on one of the platforms – rebranded as Brady ETRM – as its key platform but then it later acquired Igloo – another ETRM software platform, which initially created a lack of surety around the future of Brady ETRM in the minds of some customers and employees at the time. Indeed, the software also became the target of competitors seeking to replace it. Despite these challenges, Brady Technologies’ ETRM Business Lead, David Gallacher, and his team have worked tirelessly to ensure that Brady ETRM and Igloo both found and cemented their place in the European ETRM software market. The first thing that David is keen to point out is that Igloo and Brady ETRM target somewhat different markets. While Igloo, a cloud-native SaaS product, is largely focused on financial traders, Brady ETRM has a sizeable and important installed base amongst physical players, especially in the Nordics, that utilize it and wish to see it continue to evolve. “Brady ETRM is a solid product for the European market,” he said, “It is well designed and functionally rich and… continue reading

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