Brady’s PowerDesk Edge Gives Trader’s Python Power

Brady’s PowerDesk solution is designed as a comprehensive trader’s cockpit for trading in intraday and day ahead power markets providing a holistic view of positions and market activity, according to the company’s website. A key component of the PowerDesk solution suite is PowerDesk Edge – Brady’s algo trading platform. Recently, I got an update from Chris Regan, Managing Director, Short-Term Power at Brady, and Navesh Kumar, Lead Data Scientist – the brains behind Brady’s pioneering algorithmic energy trading research and development initiative. Brady’s website describes PowerDesk Edge as a flexible toolkit of algo libraries designed with risk management at its core and as Navesh explained, it is designed to support algo traders ranging from those who are keen to devise their own algos to those who simply want to use pre-configured algo’s for trading. As Chris told me, trading and traders are changing, and the younger data-driven traders want to use a pythonic approach and that requires a platform, not just a configurable dashboard. “While others are providing algorithms for trading, Brady has focused on a new paradigm and provides Edge, a true trading platform that provides them the ability to devise, back test and deploy their own trading strategies… continue reading