Busy Summer in CTRM?

Historically, August is a dead month for ComTech in which we get some background work done like compiling the new Sourcebook and researching for new reports. This year, both of those things are happening and the Sourcebook submission deadline is rapidly approaching if you wish to be included. We are also looking at CTRM in metals for this years research due to report in the fall. August has also been something of a dead month for us too. So, have we gone back to a pre-Lockdown normal of everyone being off to the beach in August? Apparently not! The quietness appears to be largely due to the activity levels as vendors are besieged with firms looking to select new software. it truly looks like there is a boom going on right now. Talking with the vendors and others, there really doesn’t seem to be any specific pattern to the demand. Certainly, there are a lot of smaller commodity firms seeking low cost, cloud solutions but there are also a lot of larger selection processes ongoing with large RFPs. The demand cuts across all commodities and geographies as well it seems though it is true to say that the middle East… continue reading

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