Buyers Seeking More Choice?

The Vendor Perception Study results are currently being analyzed (the report will likely appear in late August timeframe). One thing that seems to be suggested by the data and analysis is that buyers want more choice. In part, this is a direct result of merger and acquisition activity in the industry meaning that many of the larger and historically well known vendors have been subsumed by a single brand. Recently, that has been Ion of course but in the past it was others such as Sungard (now FIS) and Brady to some extent.  In part, I feel it is also due to digitalization, the cloud/SaaS and the need for more agile platforms that support rapid business change and more analysis and increased efficiency in the supply chain. The major trends seem to be suggesting that buyers are seriously exploring a greater pool of products and vendors than they did in the past. Another piece of data that supports this assertion has been the conversations and briefings we get from vendors across the business – especially since the lockdown and work from home environment emerged. Almost all vendors we have talked to have pointed to increased interest especially in more modern… continue reading

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