Catching up with capSpire

Last week, I visited with Lance Laubach, CEO of capSpire, over a cup of coffee to catch-up on recent developments with his company and, more generally, get his views on the current state of the market for CTRM systems and services.  In summary, his take on the market does tend to mirror ours – new license sales for CTRM systems continue to be slow and the majority of the IT spend these days is focused on improving the capabilities of existing technology infrastructures – or said another way, less rip and replace, more tuning of existing systems and processes to reduce costs and improve operational and financial performance. For those that may not be familiar with capSpire, they are an ETRM/CTRM specialist consulting firm that’s been around about 7 years now.  Headquartered in Fayetteville, Arkansas, they’ve got a couple of other locations in the US, including a large office in Tulsa and their recently opened location in Dallas.  Though much of their business has been built through specialization in and around OpenLink’s Right Angle and Allegro products, they’ve continued to expand their coverage and capabilities across multiple systems, commodities and geographies. Lance notes that year to date, they have worked
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