Catching Up with Energy One

I had a call with Shaun Ankers, CEO of Energy One, last week to catch up on the news from the leading ETRM vendor in Australia. The first piece of news is that Energy One has consolidated its market leadership in Austalian power and gas markets via the acquisition of Creative Analytics on May 31st, 2017. Creative Analytics sells energy trading and market analytics software to customers in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore and its two key products are NemSight and SimEnergy.It also offers other trading and alerting software tools and has 60 customers and 900 registered users and its software is used by most energy companies in Australia. Shaun told me that NemSight is an analytical tool specifically for the NEM and is available as software as a service with around 800 users. “It is a useful addition to EnergyOne’s product set,” he told us. Meanwhile, SimEnergy is an ETRM package aimed at windfarms, generators, traders, and retailers that currently has 12 customers. “It sits at the lower end of the market and is a quick and easy install so it is entirely complimentary to our own ETRM solution that is more high-end and delivers more complex functionality.” The
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