Checking in on Blacklight Systems

Last week, in London, I stopped by BlackLight Systems on the offer of a walkthrough of the system. Sebastian Ferraccu, Co-Founder and CEO, had invited me to take a look at where they were with the solution. Mr. Ferraccu is an ex-trader that having interacted with a variety of ETRM solutions for hydrocarbon liquids, decided that perhaps he could do it better – at least with the trader specifically in mind. Whilst in his prior role, he started work on designing the solution and then using it, in anger, for several years in-house before stepping out to focus seriously on the solution. He is now focused 100% on Blacklight he told me. He started by explaining his motives. Using a well-known system that proved to be more difficult to set-up than imagined and difficult to implement, it was lacking in what the traders needed, he explained. The Blacklight system ended up being used on every trader’s desk for trade capture and more with an upload to the main ETRM in use. BlackLight was easier and more efficient to extract ‘one-click’ information than the main ETRM. Over the years, ComTech has met a lot of entrepreneurs who initially worked in the… continue reading
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