ComTech Completes First Webinar

So last week, we did our first webinar. We partnered with Narrativio on the webinar. Narrativio is a PR firm based in Vienna that focuses on energy and IT firms. The webinar was titled Virtual Power Plants – Separating Fact from Fiction and it featured moderation by Tanya Graw of Narravitio, our own Dr. Irina Reitgruber and a distinguished panel of experts that included, – Cord Kaldemeyer – Sr. Project Manager R&D, ANE Energy – Marion Malafosse – Head of Policy, smartEn – Christoph Malzer – Business Development Manager, Navitasoft – Brock Mosovsky – Co-Founder and VP Analytics, cQuant – Edvardas Norkeliūnas – Strategic Partnership Manager, Fusebox We had around 200 people register and a very strong online attendance and a really good atmosphere and vibe. You can see this for yourself at the video of the event now up and posted here. I’m sure that we will be doing more webinars from now on as well so stay tuned! If you watch the video, please do help us out by subscribing to the youtube channel! Irina will likely be posting a more complete summary of the content in a later blog here too.