ComTech Provide Analysis in Commodities People’s Survey Report

ComTech partners and analysts provided their expert analysis of data collected by Commodities People across their events and compiled in a free report titled – Commodity Trading Annual Industry Report 2023. Of course, our analysis was provided in the area of Commodity Trading Risk and we chose to focus on the ample evidence in among the data that politics and geopolitics is now a serious risk to commodity businesses globally. The report carries a lot of useful data collected by Commodities People with analysis by experts in their fields across the industry and that data is useful in identifying trends and issues. It is doubly useful because it has proven increasingly difficult to get responses from surveys in an era of increased online security and privacy issues. Commodities People have a capability to utilise their audiences for various trade shows and webinars as a means to facilitate survey data collection. The report is available for free here.   Meanwhile, CTRMCenter/ComTech and Commodities People have partnered up to bring you an exciting webinar September 15th. The Future of CTRM Software – Evolve or Die features a panel of experts addressing questions on this theme and is completely free to attend. Please register asap… continue reading

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