Crunching the Numbers

I’m starting to do the analysis on the Vendor Perception Survey results where we experienced a record response – our thanks to all who participated. After eliminating incomplete responses, vendor responses and those that shall we say, seem suspect, there are 292 valid responses. That is great news although it means it will take us a bit longer to do the analysis. One thing I am struck by right away is that respondents can name over 101 vendors as suppliers of ETRM, CTRM and CM software. We track over 110 vendors in our directory and we are often asked incredulously if that number is real? Yes. It is and almost every vendor on our list got at least 1 mention in this year’s survey. However, when we ask who have you installed? Only 35 vendors are named. The dominance of a small group of vendors is confirmed when we examine that list as only 5 of the 35 installed at respondents sites were mentioned by more than 10 respondents. Essentially, your choice is broad but it seems just a handful of vendors have predominated in the past…  Of course, we know that partly, this is a result of acquisition by… continue reading

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