CTRM Choices

I don’t know about everyone else but we have had a remarkably busy start to 2019. For example, we have been engaged in several market sweeps already where we are tasked with sweeping the solutions marketplace to propose a long list of possible solutions for a next step in a selection exercise – usually an RFP but not necessarily so. As analysts that pretty much know all of the vendors and products in the space, we are able to ensure that a user company doesn’t miss any vendors and solutions they may be unaware of while reducing costs and risks of the project. This year, it seems a popular service! And that’s good because it also suggests pent up demand in the market. Now if you are a buyer of CTRM software, you might be wondering about choice. After all, ION seems to be acquiring everybody these days right? OpenLink, Aspect, Triple Point and now Allegro – who is next? However, fear not. There are so many choices in this market place that no one can truly dominate it. For starters, ION aren’t necessarily the biggest fish in the pond. SAP would take that honor and it has worked very… continue reading
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