CTRM Conference Roundtable Unmissable?

The first roundtable discussion at the forthcoming 2016 CTRM Conference should be something rather special as it is focused on “Critical Issues for CTRM Users in a Low Cost Environment.” The broad collapse in most wholesale prices, which began in earnest mid-year 2014, has resulted in a prolonged period of declining profits, declining trading volumes, bankruptcies in the up-stream energy markets, and a general malaise in the global wholesale commodity markets. Though low prices are a benefit for consumers, this period has been extremely challenging for many in the industry, particularly those that produce and trade energy commodities. It is against this backdrop that our panel of experts that will include Industry experts; – Andy Redmayne (Head on One Trading Landscape for Alpiq) and, – Rob Pringle (Independent Consultant now but with a long history as CIO for major entities in the energy business), – an expert from the Capital Markets side which often innovates well in advance of commodities, Andrew Powell, and – our very own Patrick Reames who will be fresh from taking the primary role in writing our latest research report – ETRM in A Low Commodity Price Environment (Sponsored by FIS and due out shortly). The
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