CTRM Cubed Building Out It’s Ecosystem of Partners

CTRM Cubed founder and CEO, Simon Piercy sees some potential issues emerging for smaller vendors in energy markets like the UK as on the retail side, there have been many failures in recent weeks and months. Thirteen British energy retailers have gone bankrupt as of last week according to reports by Reuters who identified another seven as vulnerable. But there is also a bright side in that smaller asset holders are doing very well financially from the situation, he told me. “We just signed another new customer last week and things are going well for us to date,” he said. “We continue to work on the product as well as ally ourselves with other vendors to form an ecosystem of interoperable solutions.” As a start-up offering a low-cost monthly fee-based cloud solution, Simon does have one observation of the market that I found both salient and important. He observed that in a market where the deployment model is increasingly SaaS in the cloud, why is the traditional RFI/RFP process still dominating the procurement process he asked. It is a good question. Increasingly, the SaaS model provides the ability to look at and work with a system and get a good… continue reading

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