CTRM – More Choice?

The history of CTRM is replete with brand names that came and went. In fact, I could likely name at least 30 right now off the top of my head and with a bit of time, that might even be 50. Most of these would have been acquired of course and one or two simply went bust. Despite that, there are still around 90 vendors or more offering CTRM or related solutions and each year, we find a few more. There has been consolidation, I suppose, especially when you look at installed bases – Ion, FIS and so on – but, by and large, in most areas, buyers seem to have a lot of choice because there are so many solutions. The ebb and flow of vendors and their products is something that intrigues me and it’s why I value the vendor perception study that we do every couple of years. But, do all of these vendors and solutions really mean more choice? Well, when you dive in to the detail I suppose that is arguable. Part of the ebb and flow is due to technological change and changing requirements so actually, quite a few of those 100+ products are… continue reading

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