CTRM Zombies

With the market for ETRM/CTRM software now almost 25 years old, I find it interesting to look back at the litany of vendors and products that have succeeded, disappeared or have simply hung around over that time. While the few earliest solutions that were available in what has become the CTRM market were dedicated to managing wholesale trading in US natural gas, the continuing liberalization of energy and other commodity markets around the globe, combined with the growing adoption of vendor supplied products, has led to a huge growth in vendor counts. The number of vendors and products that offer capabilities for managing some or all of the commodity trading and risk management value chain has grown from just a handful in the early 90’s to over 100 today. Very few vendors today can claim to have been around from the very beginning of the market (Allegro is arguably the only one that can legitimately make such a claim), as most of today’s largest vendors are less than 20 years old, having entered the space from adjacent markets (such as the financial markets) or have been built through acquisition of the earlier vendors (such as TransEnergy/Altra, Nucleus, Zainet, Navita and
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