Datamine and MineMarket CTRM Targets Ores, Metals and other Bulk Commodity Markets

The space for CTRM and CM software for metals has gotten quite crowded of late, with several vendors adding significant metals capabilities including Enuit, Gen10, Amphora, Fendahl, and others to join existing suppliers like Brady, ION OpenLink, and ION Aspect, for example. However, they all have some pretty serious competition now emerging in the shape of Datamine, part of the Constellation Software company. Datamine has been around since 1981 in the digital mining technology space and has grown into a sizeable entity with over 500 staff located in 20 different countries. It offers end-to-end solutions across the mining and extraction industry from exploration and geological applications through operations and into the supply chain. Recently, it has expanded its offerings in CTRM. Recently, we were afforded a short demonstration and overview of MineMarket CTRM. MineMarket is a mature system that has evolved over the previous 20 years, most recently into the CTRM space. It is essentially a modular suite of software that, as you might expect given Datamine’s origins, is very extensive and focused on the business’s physical side. It is a Commodity Management solution in terms of our classification with a solid materials management and supply chain management focus. This… continue reading

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