David and Goliath

For the last twenty-years, I have been reliably informed by all sorts of experts that eventually, the CTRM software sector would come down to one dominant player and two or three smaller competitors. I recall being told this by the big wigs of the investment bank that had just placed a bunch of money into TransEnergy Management – at that time, a leading ETRM software vendor that I happened to be VP of Marketing for, back two decades ago. Then we saw an entity by the name of Caminus start buying up all of the smaller vendors and even go for an IPO. “There you go,” I was told. Throughout this entire time, I basically disagreed with these software space experts and was quite vocal about it too (No surprise to those that know me!). My contention was always – you don’t understand the commodity space! I’m going to toot my own horn and suggest I was right then and I still am on this point at least. At last count, ComTech was tracking over 100 vendors offering ETRM, CTRM and related software on a commercial basis. OK, there are one or two ‘Goliaths’ out there. OpenLink heads the pack
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