Developing CTRM Expertise

I’m just back from the annual pilgrimage to E-World and will be writing more on that show later as will Irina. One theme I hear there talking to many colleagues past and present was about experience. The discussion around hiring resource came up any number of times and while there are plenty of junior resources available on the market, experienced CTRM people are few and far between and attract a premium. The problem is partly that many experienced people are reaching retirement age and leaving the industry taking their expertise with them. It was entirely for this reason that last year, Patrick Reames and I took the time to write the book – CTRM Software – An Analyst View of a Dynamic Software Market. Neither of us are spring chickens and yet between us, we have over 50-years of CTRM experience. We thought it best to leave a legacy in the form of a book that people could use to get a background on the software category including a historical perspective. We had written books a decade or so ago but these are now out of date and it was time for a fresh look. The book is a comprehensive… continue reading

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