DSFlow Doubles Installed Base in 6-months – Ready for Broader Market.

Recently, I spoke with Alex de Choulot, co-founder, and CEO of DSFlow, to catch up with how things were going for the new vendor. DSFlow has expanded its customer base to ten customers now, he told me, meaning that it had added five new accounts since we spoke last September. However, from his perspective, the bigger news was that he believes that DSFlow has now reached the point where it has a stable and scalable architecture, and is now ready to begin marketing in earnest. “This was always our first priority,” he added. Indeed, the vendor has been hard at work adding and finalizing the logistics part of the solution, as well as enhancing the configuration of supply and PPA contracts to extend the solutions attractiveness to industrials, and the like, procuring energy.  “Having an open API has also been a key aspect allowing DSFlow to communicate with the IT stack in a flexible way,” he said. One of the key differentiators of DSFlow, according to Alex, is its ability to  handle time series from the meters (with 1mn time stamps) while keeping the system open and accessible. “We are going deep into the data engineering side and the UX… continue reading

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