ENEGEN is ready for opening the wholesale market for prosumers in UK

ENEGEN Power Systems is a UK-based company that offers a diverse range of software tools designed for the UK wholesale and balancing markets. These tools encompass a spectrum of capabilities, from general purpose software capable of replacing cumbersome spreadsheets, to comprehensive solutions tailored specifically for the UK balancing mechanism and nomination tools. Additionally, ENEGEN have recently introduced its innovative ATOM solution, aimed at commercially optimizing critical processes within utility organizations related to intraday balancing and trading. ATOM plays a pivotal role as a central hub in managing tasks such as production data import from SCADA, balancing market activities, wholesale intraday market operations, taking also into account long-term contracts coming out of the ETRM system. This tool is truly unique in the market and addresses the growing complexity of intraday and day-ahead activities for traders. Real-time optimization, utilizing renewable production data, real-time market prices, and trading portfolios, is further enhanced by seamless integration with EPEX SPOT, ELEXON, and the Balancing mechanism. Despite the advantages likely offered by ATOM, the most popular solution within ENEGEN’s portfolio remains GENSTAR4. This tool is designed for scheduling, balancing, and market communication, catering to both behind-the-meter and in-front-of-the-meter balancing.  This preference may change due to expected… continue reading

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