Enegen’s Successful First Year with More to Come.

Almost everyone is aware of the recent energy issues in the UK (and elsewhere) in which prices have surged and there have been many casualties on the retail side. However, there are two sides to every story and higher prices are good news for some and, those on the generation side ought to be doing well. Yet, David Calmonson of Enegen told me this week when we caught up that market activity appeared to have slowed a bit in the last couple of months. “Strangely enough, the summer months were much more active in terms of opportunities,” he told me. Despite that, Enegen had a good first year of independent operation turning a healthy profit and David expects to close 3 or 4 more deals before year end and has a very full pipe of opportunities. Interested in why a market with price volatility and record prices for a variety of energy and related commodities might slow down in terms of software procurement, we spent some time discussing this. “We simply haven’t had as much inbound in the last couple of months,” he told me. “Higher prices and volatilities mean that firms are busier than normal even those that are… continue reading

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