enspired is looking for new horizons

enspired occupies a unique position within the energy market. The company provides trading services including the commercial optimization of power assets, implementing data-driven and fully automated trading strategies to maximize profitability. enspired uses an in-house AI platform enabling a diverse customer base of utilities, asset developers, VPP operators and energy-intensive industries to monetize the full potential of their flexibility. The in-house development of the platform as well as all AI tools for trading and optimization gives enspired considerable advantage when compared to with the use of third-party software. Their offer looks compelling for several reasons. enspired assumes all responsibilities related to trading activities, eliminating the need for substantial upfront investments from customers. Their commercial model is based on profit-sharing and full transparency regarding profitability. Customers are not locked into long-term commitments and are free to explore other options as soon as they want. enspired’s trading models are backed up with market simulation tools that algorithmically demonstrate profitability in comparison to the market average. This transparent approach helps to build trust with current and potential customers. “Our business model has enjoyed considerable success in Europe, and we are now ideally positioned to bring it to other markets,” says Alberto Alberti, Senior… continue reading

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