Enuit India Reaches 25+ Staff and Sees Local Opportunities

Enuit recently set up an Indian entity with a focus on services. Kumat Manickam runs that entity for Enuit and I spoke with him recently to discover more about the initiative. Kumat was hired by Enuit four years or so ago and was working in Singapore up to the point where he was asked to set up an Indian operation. Since then, Enuit has set up the business unit and grown it to a 25-person operation. “It was quite the challenge,” said Kumat, “I had to do a lot of work navigating Indian regulations, setting up accounting, payroll, staffing, and so on but it was worth it.” Indeed, Enuit now has a growing business unit that has been focused on services providing support into global implementation projects. However, Kumat is now focused on adding development and support staff as well. “Indian staff contribute across all aspects of Enuits global presence,” he said. “This year, building out global support is a priority. We are already supporting Europe but eventually, we will support APAC and the Americas too.” Additionally, Enuit with its local presence is chasing opportunities in India in terms of business development. The Indian market for CTRM is very cost… continue reading

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