Enverus Focused on Price Curves and Risk Management in a COVID World

Last week we spoke with Wendi Orlando, VP or Product Management, Enverus Trading & Risk.  With over 900 customers, Enverus continues to see good activity and continues to grow their client base, she told us. In common with other vendors we have talked to in recent months, it seems the lock-down has actually created more interest in Enverus’ Trading & Risk products but execution of new contracts can sometimes take more time, she said.  She also noted that they’ve seen instances where some of their prospects didn’t have systems in place that effectively supported work from home, including providing access to some of their business critical systems. “We’ve seen that in some companies, many employees used desktop machines rather than laptops, for example, and some of their staff were not proficient at things like Teams.  Many often had difficulty with remote access to many of the systems and processes that supported them in their offices, and particularly with those systems and tools that were not web-based,” she explained. In terms of the inbound interest in new products and services, Ms. Orlando notes that Enverus is seeing a lot of interest from the electric power space where historical price and demand… continue reading

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