ERP+CTRM in the Cloud – That’s What Satoshi Systems is Rolling Out!

I first met Saurabh Goyal a few years ago as he was a speaker at one of our CTRM Conference events. At the time, he was head of IT Systems, for a large Ags firm. I had heard that he had left that firm and helped to start a vendor called Satoshi Systems Ltd., but until I saw him again as a member of my CTRM panel at ComRisk earlier this year, I had more or less lost touch. A couple of weeks ago, Saurabh, his co-founder Khai Vualnam (an ex-colleague  from the same Ags firm) and some of his team, took the time to give us a briefing and quick demo of their newly developed software platform. With the emergence of the cloud, there have been quite a few new entrants into the CTRM space that attempt to leverage the native cloud model with focused services or fully functional CTRM solutions. In recent years, other technologies like AI and blockchain have also gained in interest and started to get some application in the space as well. However, Satoshi’s vision is for me, potentially unique. It set out to develop a fully functional ERP+CTRM solution in the cloud specifically targeted… continue reading
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