EXXETA Targets Germanic Energy Markets with its Energy Suite.

EXXETA is an independent, privately-owned medium-sized consultancy that was founded in 2005 and has around 800 staff in 12 locations currently. Like many firms if its ilk, it focuses on multiple industries, including energy, where it offers a range of software products known as the EXXETA Energy Suite. That was the subject of my recent conversation with Sascha Gering, Sales Director for EXXETA. The product suite is targeted at B2B and the wholesale market, Sascha told me. The products range from customer and sales solutions, through portfolio and risk management to purchasing and trading of commodities, operations and nominations to invoicing. “One of the first products that we developed was market access to exchanges, brokers and internal markets,” he said. “We then merged with ECG in Germany who already had power and gas scheduling apps.” The company also built a portfolio manager to evaluate complex portfolios especially in natural gas where many contracts have optionality, and many are hard to value. From there, the company added on to build an ETRM solution ecosystem. Of course, like many firms of its type, EXXETA also did and still does provide implementation and other services around other ETRM solutions like Ion OpenLink and… continue reading
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