eZ-nergy Launches Automated Auction Module

eZ-nergy recently announced its fully automated auction bidding module saying in an accompanying announcement, “In the last few years, the rise of traded volumes on intraday power markets has meant that software providers have focused strongly on automated and algo trading solutions for continuous intraday markets. As such, many vendors now propose solutions to automate and optimise intraday trading, including us via our eZ-Ops algotrading module But if continuous markets are key to closing, adjusting and optimising your positions, auction markets remain a key element in daily portfolio management. And so far, this field has not been addressed effectively by software vendors. If it is true that auctions occur only once or twice a day, energy market participants still have to participate every day, repeating the same operational tasks to prepare bids, post bids and integrate market results. Most of the time, those tasks remain manual or poorly automated.” Last week, Johann Zamboni, co-founder, and CEO, gave me a demonstration of the new module. Of course, as eZ-nergy also offers logistics services to its customers, it also uses its own software and this new module is no exception. The module looks like the rest of the solution with an easy-to-use and… continue reading

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