Fendahl Sees Very Active Market

I recently had a catch-up call with Fendahl’s Henry Thornalley. He told me just how busy the last few months have been for the company – so much so that some employees had to postpone their vacations! Fendahl, he says, is working on a number of important RFPs while fielding a record numbers of inquiries and demo requests – “demos are booking a month in advance,” he told me. So, what is going on I asked? Henry told me that the market is generally very active with quite a number of larger opportunities in flow along with much interest generally in CTRM. Fendahl have also signed a number of new customers so far this year with hopes to sign several more, he said, with some significant announcements in the pipeline. In addition, a number of existing customers have chosen to extend their use of Fusion into other geographies and/or commodities. “Despite what now looks like a slowish start to the year, it is rapidly turning into one of the better years in recent memory for CTRM software demand.” What he is seeing is a lot of replacements taking place and these, he says, take longer in terms of sales cycles… continue reading

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